The Higher Side of The Success of ‘ Fifty Shades of Grey’(sj)

The Higher Side of The Success of ‘ Fifty Shades of Grey’
(by Susan James)

What a wonderful phenomenon, this book! As both a writer
and a reader, I have a sincere appreciation of what E.L. James
has done with her book, as well as even more important the
effect on our current culture.

There is a higher reason for this level of success, which I
address here.

Have I read the book? No.
Why? Because I primarily read non-fiction which is also the
genre of which I write in. Of my 8 books, thus far all but one
are non-fiction. My publishing company will be pushing in
the near future ‘Privately Famous,’ but that’s another story for
another day.

My not reading the book has nothing to do with its content, I
love sex and I love stories of sexual behavior, but I usually
wait for the movie version, only because I am an avid reader
and stick to all the wonders of non-fiction and Biographies. I
did see ‘Magic Mike’ and that was an enjoyable and
entertaining experience to say the least.

What’s the Higher Side of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey?’ Joy. The
Joy Vibration. There is no judgment or opinion in the higher
realms. It’s the job of the higher realms to move and expand
the earth plane into the joy vibration, the love vibration. The
one where we have fun and take care of each other in
wonderful new ways.

The higher realms don’t care how we get there, but we are
going to get there. I’ve watched some of the interviews and
talk shows surrounding ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and most all of
the folks reading the book have experienced some level of joy
in their reading of the book.

You can define joy however you want to define it, but it’s a
vibration. One that we are making efforts and strides in
making it a perpetual vibration on the earth plane.

If you have read the book, and it has helped you to express
some form of joy, in some way, even if its behind close doors,
then you have helped raise the light energy level of the planet.
And for that I am thankful to you and to the author of the

We are bringing the earth plane, the human experience into
perpetual joy and both the writer and reader of ‘Fifty Shades
of Grey’ is assisting us in that. Thank You E.L. James!

I am looking forward to The Movie and watching the casting
of it. I’ll be there in all my joy!

Susan James
Personal Development w/ a Twist, Stirred but Not Shaken

Author of 8 Books including the most recent, The Done Deal
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