The Opposite of Limited is NOT Un-Limited (sj)

Castle-The Newsletter Issue #5 (sj)

The Opposite of Limited is Not Un-Limited
(by Susan James)

If we are doing the basics, meaning practicing higher
methods, which includes surfacing and acknowledging any
resistance to what we choose and prefer to have, we are then
led to know this: ‘There is not an opposite in energy to the
word limited. There is no such thing as un-limited.’

What we really, really want is to move to the understanding
that we are to have The Ideal, The Best of The Best of
Everything. The word associated with this is: Extravagance.

I am not unlike anyone reading these words. I’ve had to
surface and acknowledge whatever thoughts/emotions stood
in the door of what I wanted. Every single time that I made the human effort to the divine, it ‘worked’.
(end Excerpt)

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