The REAL Reason List-Making Manifests Our Desires (by Susan James)

Susan James Manifestation Methods:
Series: The Basics (General)

The REAL Reason List-Making Manifests Our Desires
(Brain Tarter Blocks Manifesting Success)
(by Susan James)

One of the  ‘Manifest Warp Speed’ Daily Readings: (from The Book)

On fine  morning I wrote down on a piece of paper:
coffee, jumbo paper clips, post office. And those things
showed up in my life because I started movement towards
them and they to me.

On a Separate piece of paper I wrote down an intention
for my lifestyle and livelihood. And those things showed
up in my life because I started movement towards them
and they to me.

And You? (sj)
(End Quote)

If we understood the REAL reason, why writing things
down, brings us what we want, then maybe we’d be more
inclined to do it for the things we really want for our lives
and lifestyles.

So here it is:
Our mind space, our current conscious level is full of
clutter. Sorta like my desk used to get. I had all of
these pieces of important papers of all sizes around my
desk space and it bothered me in many ways, until I got it
cleaned up. Note the word: “bother”….as in irritate.
(Lower Density Feelings which I Did NOT want ever, and
I took care of these things.….ASAP)

We get bothered by pieces of invisible scrap papers
clogging up our mind space. Those little pieces of mind
space notes are little energy pieces. They begin building
tartar up in our minds, just as tarter may build up in our
teeth if we don’t brush them.

We have to expand beyond the tartar in our minds. It very
well could be important tarter matter, but it doesn’t matter
how important it is, if its current composition is keeping
our dreams from manifesting. It’s tarter that turns to crap
that then constipates and complicates our lives.
(Meaning…..keeping us from what we want.)

All of it is energy- vibrational frequency at some level.
BUT we don’t need all of that energy in our mind space.
If we keep it there, then we won’t get what we want in our

The cure for this brain tarter is to find some way to
remove it, to expand beyond it.

The moment we write it down, or type it out, it’s like we
are spitting out the tarter after brushing our teeth. It’s
gone.  We didn’t have to fix anything, we only had to spit
it out.

We spit it out, when we write it out.
Spit it Out, Write It Out…Make Your Dreams Come

It’s as easy and simple as brushing our teeth.
If decay has set into our mouth, then it takes more effort
and more tools. If decay has set into our mind, then it
takes more effort and more tools.

Brush Your Brain!
Spit It Out! Write It Out!
Read and Write!

Susan James (Copyright )

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