The Role of Anticipation In Successful Manifestation (Susan James)

Susan James Manifestation Methods:
Series: The Basics (General)

The Role of Anticipation In Successful Manifestation
(Having Sex In The City) (by Susan James)

Many of us are led to higher mechanics/spiritual concepts
in the hopes and promise of having our lives show up in
the form of better choices and experiences. Meaning, we
want better lives, relationships, lifestyles, work,
livelihoods, financial resources and wherewithal. And
some of us begin the various levels of study which in fact,
do bring us all that we want and more.

The question most often asked as we begin the various use
of higher tools, is; ‘How do I know that I’m going to get
those things I’m intending over? How do I know, this is
all worth it? How do I know this stuff really works? And
when will it show up?’

There is a ‘feeling sense’ that we teach ourselves to
recognize which then gives us a big clue to our knowing
what we want is flowing to us. That feeling sense is
shown to us through ‘anticipation.’

I’ll make this sweet and simple so that you can possibly
apply a new level of understanding to your own intentions
and desires:

A. Anticipation Defined: to be aware of a future event,
regard something as probable or likely, act in advance of,
be excited about, await, look forward to, is a type of
knowing, certainty.

B. Anticipation ‘feels’ like This: When a while ago,
The “Sex in The City,” DVD came out. I wasn’t able to get
that specific day. but I knew I would get it. I was certain
I would get it. Why was I certain I would get it?

All of the variables were in place for me to get it.
I understood that it was available for me to have it. If I
chose to rent it, instead of buying it, and if all the rentals
were back-logged or checked out, I still knew that I would be
having ‘Sex In The City.’ It was mine to enjoy. If I choose to
rent or buy it, either way, I knew that I would see that movie.

That feeling sense is ‘anticipation’. I sensed my success in
seeing this movie. I felt the feeling, that I would see this

C. What actions did I take, that let me know the success of
this intention?

I cared about this emotionally. It’s something that made me
happy. Entertainment always makes us happy, in some regard.
It’s something I wanted. I made myself aware of its
availability. I made myself aware/know where I could get it.

I would physically go by and or call to see if its there for me
to pick up. If it wasn’t that first day, it would be a another
day. I knew this, because I had the feeling sense of
expectancy which is flowing from anticipation.

There was nothing, no thing in the way of me meeting this
intention and I knew that there is nothing in the way of
me having it.

D. Now.. we get to those things that are our dreams come
true things.

Things we want, but we don’t have that feeling sense of
anticipation as it feels knowing the DVD is ours.

E. What is the primary difference in us having the feeling
sense of anticipation of something like the DVD we want
and the new love or lifestyle that we are desiring?

Answer: We have not yet cleared up the lower density space
that stands between our desires and their fulfillment.

Meaning…we as a humanity, are here for expansion. Our
desires, our reaching for something more, which is of
human nature, is how our higher selves prod humanity’s
expansion on an individual basis.

What’s The Remedy for this individual expansion, so that
we can have ALL that we desire?

1. Develop More Understanding Through Applied
Knowledge (Read)

2. More Understanding gives away to cleaning our mind

However, to efficiently clean our mind space-
consciousness, we have to spit out all those thought
patterns (lower density light vibrations) that are
swimming around. We now notice how heavy they feel in
a new way.

We ‘need’ to spit those things out to give more room for
‘feeling sense’ of things we want.

3. We then repeat this, over and over and over as our lives
are manifested per our choice.


Read and Write
Read for Applied New Understanding which brings new
knowledge and new experiences.

Write it Out, Spit it Out, so that the resistance keeping our
lives from being as we prefer, expands from us and allows
our lives to expand anew.

Therefore, The Question: Do You Have The Feeling
Sense of Anticipation in regard to your own desires and
intentions? If not, do you now understand what you might
need to do, so that you develop the feeling sense of
Anticipation for those same intentions and desires?

Susan James (Copyright )

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