The Simplicity of The Done Deal (sj)

The Simplicity of The Done Deal
(by Susan James)

The Simplicity of The Done Deal, is This:

I’m on lots of social networks, blogs, lists, including writers,
entrepreneurs, publishers  and readers groups. And apparently
I had forgotten to click on the ‘digest’ option of one of the
recent groups I’d joined, which is an active group.  I have 5
email accounts on my Blackberry. One of them kept getting
many single posts from one group and I simply had to delete
them from my phone. This was nothing hard of course and
not even a nuisance, but, for a few days, I kept thinking. ‘I
need to go in and change that group to digest.’

But, what happened?
I received an email, that told me that my group was changed
to digest, on my behalf. This happened to be a LinkedIn
group. This was a nice surprise. I didn’t have to do squat for it
to happen. I ONLY had to have the desire. A Pure NON-
Resistance Desire.

Cynic’s’s would say, well, ‘this was a coincidence;’ others with
a more positive slant would say, ‘yes, isn’t synchronicity
wonderful’. However, the serious student of higher studies
will come to find out, that as we put forth the human effort to
reach the Divine magic, everything, every day, all projects, all
relationships, all of those things we secretly want for our
lives, WILL and DO simply show up in front of us, Done!
Full and Complete.

AND, the serious student of higher studies, finds that there
need not be ‘seriousness’ to it. There only need-be purifying
of our front lobes so that all of our desires, the buttons and
castles, are desires of a pure non-resistant nature.

What is a desire of pure non-resistant nature? It means that
for each desire, each intent that we have, there is Absolutely
NO contradicting thought to it. Which means, there is NO
time, no linear time involved, no obstacles, no challenges, no
cross to bear, no sabotage pulling us off the track, yet one
more time, and most importantly no 2×4’s to slam us upside
the head, making us question what we are doing, and who do
we really think we are.

How do we get there?
‘The Done Deal’ is a great place to start.
Why would you want to do that?
So, that, you don’t have to do squat to get whatever you want.
You only have to have Pure Non-Resistant Desire. And how
can you get that? The Done Deal, is good place to start.

Susan James ( )
The Done Deal
(Closing The Gap Between Desire and Fulfillment)
Epub-pdf also available and may purchased through paypal

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