The Susan James Sampler (5 Book Excerpts)

SJ Sampler VF

The Susan James Sampler

The Susan James Sampler Contains 33 Juicy pages of
excerpts from Susan’s first 5 books. (No Charge, Marge!)

These books were both the foundation of Susan’s livelihood,
as she practiced and applied her own use of “User Friendly
Physics” and her “Maverick Momentum Methods”.

The excerpts give the reader more than enough information to
decide if this basic and fundamental level of higher mechanics
is something of interest or curiosity.


The 5 Books Profiled in The Susan James Sampler are:

-Manifesting 101 & Beyond: (How To Get What You Want
w/o Goofin’ It Up First!)
-Manifesting 102 & Beyond: (The Design Continues)
-Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires
-17 Seconds to Wt. Loss (The Guide)
-The Millionaire Maverick (Novel)

Also included:
-The Magic Wall
-The Sword of Three’s

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Susan James
Personal Development with a Twist, Stirred but not Shaken.
SJ Consulting:
Susan James Confabulation

Susan James Consulting (via email)
(Mini $95 / Mega $190/ Monthly Retainer: $1900.)
Author of The Award Winning Manifesting 101 & Beyond,
Manifesting 102 & Beyond, Manifest Warp Speed,
Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires, 17 Seconds
to Wt.Loss, The Millionaire Maverick (Novel) and The Done
Deal (Closing The Gap Between Desire & Fulfillment)

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