Throw The HighBall-Effortless Results (sj)

(Below is an excerpt from a Future Castles Advanced
Throw The (High) Ball
(How to Successfully Focus Higher for Easy, Effortless
Results) (Beyond The Done Deal)
(by Susan James)

When I was growing up, I was the only girl my age in the
neighborhood. I played with the boys.
We played army, cowboys and Indians and baseball. I finally
kissed one of them. We were hiding from the others; I was
somehow on top of him as I kissed him on his chubby red

Baseball was the thing we did most often until we got better at
kissing. There was a field behind one of the boys homes and
we made it into a baseball field. The boys got to play in a
league, but us girls got to only watch. Somehow I got good at
pitching. When we would play in our makeshift field, they
always wanted me to pitch. I didn’t stop to read about
pitching; I didn’t stop to visualize my pitching, or at least I
didn’t understand it as visualizing. I simply threw the ball at
the catchers mitt. I didn’t aim for the batter, I looked past the
batter to the target, which was the catcher’s mitt. If I threw it
well enough, the batter would swing and miss, as the ball
landed promptly in the mitt.

As I got older and liked the boys more, one of them broke my
nose with a rock he meant for me to catch. I missed it and it
hit me in the nose. I lied to protect him. His name was Johnny.
The downside of the lie, since the rock had broken the skin on
my nose, was my father trying to explain to the ER doctors,
that it was not ‘child abuse’.

What does this have to do with ‘my now’? My understanding
has shifted again. It’s shifted because I’ve done a lot of ‘higher

It’s time to just throw the ball; the High Ball. Throw the
thought-idea of what is wanted directly to the I AM Presence,
now that I know what and where the I AM is-just throw it.

Don’t wonder if it works or not, or if I’m doing it correctly.
Don’t wonder if I’m throwing it too far outside the box. Just
Throw It. Keep Throwing It.
One Pitch-even a good pitch on center does not make a good

Many successful good pitches make a good, successful, great
Pitch The Thought, Consciously to The I AM Presence.
Pitch it again and again.
Change It Up.
Change the type of pitch, (new idea.)

Understand, Accept and Acknowledge What The I AM
Presence IS.
Pitch The Thought.

Best Splendid Success!
Susan James

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