Two Wolves (The Case for Optimism)

Two Wolves (The Case for Optimism)
(and What Do Shirley MacLaine, George Clooney
&Tomorrowland Have To Do With It?)
By Susan James

In the film Tomorrowland, (starring George Clooney),
the daughter, (Britt Robertson) says to her father (Tim
McGraw), “Remember the story of The 2 Wolves? The
One you’ve told me many times? Let me repeat it for

“There are these 2 wolves and they are always fighting.
One is the darker and despairing, the other is Light and
Hope. Which wolf wins?”

The dad replies the answer he already knows. “Which
ever one you feed.”

We all have a conscious choice. Which Wolf will we

Wolf #1 is everywhere you look. When I go to workout,
there are 5 huge screens in front me, while I’m on the
treadmill. I always takes some printed material to read
vs headphones. The TV choices are sports, home fixer
uppers, or The NEWS. Wolf #1 is there being fed
constantly. But so is wolf #2 in ways unknown to many.

Wolf #2 is quietly taking care of things differently. Wolf
#2 doesn’t need to make a lot of noise to be effective.
Only those of us who run with the #2 Wolves
understand what’s being done and how its being done.

From Shirley MacLaine’s “What If” (on the Dali Lama)
“Later I saw a clip on You Tube where he was asked to
discuss the conflicts inherent in differing religions,
philosophies and political points of view. He raised his
hand, leaned forward, and said two simple words: “Fuck
It.” If those two words are good enough for the Dalai
Lama, there are good enough for me.”

As Ms. MacLaine says: “Some of us are going to Look,
but less and less of us . More of us are not going to
look, more and more of us, and that raises us all.”

As more and more of us raise our light, Wolf #1 is no
longer fed that which has kept him alive. More and
More of us ARE raising our light. We are being fed.

Susan James

Resource: Tomorrowland/Walt Disney Pictures/
Bird, Director
Resource: What If..(A Lifetime Of Questions,
Speculations, Reasonable Guesses, and A Few Things I
Know for Sure) by Shirley MacLaine (Atria
Books/Simon & Schuster, Inc)

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