Vast Five Expands From It’s Flagship Author

Vast Five Expands From It’s Flagship Author

Until now Vast Five has focused on its in-house author of 8
books of higher techniques of expansion, Susan James.
(Personal Development with a Twist, Stirred But Not Shaken  ). The direction of Vast Five
while always encouraging higher methods of personal
development recognizes the need for buffering some of the
experiences that come along in our lives, and doing so in
productive and entertaining ways.

One of the ways VF is approaching this is through the newly
published ‘Pixie’s Food For Thought’ ( by Lisa Fischer/ISBN
Pixie’s Food For Thought’ caught the eye of Vast Five and
its staff, due to the passion that the author and mom of 2 had
for protecting children with food allergies from the challenges
that come with it.

Susan James along with Vast Five have always encouraged an
open awareness to the possibilities of life and Lisa in her book
brings a wonderful positive approach to an experience that
sometimes is filled with anxiety for parents, teachers and care

‘Pixie’s Food For Thought’ is the perfect way to explain food
allergies to your child. Pixie’s liveliness and self confidence
shine and will no doubt be encouraging for young readers and
families coping with multiple food allergies. Endorsed by
leading medical professionals from  University of Va and
Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

(From the Back cover of Pixie’s Food for Thought:)
“Author, Lisa Fischer, captures the daily struggles and
unintended social isolation of school-age children with
food allergies, in her children’s book, entitled “Pixie’s
Food For Thought.” The main character, Pixie, develops
coping strategies and maintains a positive outlook on her
future, lessons that are important to teach to children and
families with food allergies early on.” Dr. Scott Commins,
MD, PhD and Dr. Julia Wisniewski, MD University of
Virginia – Division of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology

“Lisa Fischer’s delightful and beautifully illustrated
children’s book deals with the serious and important issue
of childhood food allergies. In “Pixie’s Food For
Thought,” Pixie demonstrates an unwavering positive
attitude and reinforces very appropriate means of staying
safe and being prepared in the sometimes scary realms of
school and social activities. Pixie’s liveliness and self-
confidence shine and will no doubt be encouraging for
young readers and families coping with food allergies.”
Amanda L. Cox, MD Allergist, Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Food
Allergy Institute at Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Pixie’s Food For Thought is Illustrated by Sanjida Rashid and
is currently in paperback form and maybe purchased online
from Amazon/Barnes and Nobel, and may also be ordered by
ISBN from local bookstores:  978-0974652672

Pixie’s Food For Thought (by Lisa Fischer)

Vast Five (ARR)

Susan James
Personal Development with a Twist, Stirred but not Shaken.
Author of The Award Winning Manifesting 101 & Beyond,
Manifesting 102 & Beyond, Manifest Warp Speed,
Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires, 17 Seconds
to Wt.Loss, The Millionaire Maverick (Novel) and The Done
Deal (Closing The Gap Between Desire and Fulfillment)
Susan James On Amazon:

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