Walk of Shame & Mindy Kaling (sj)


Walk of Shame & Mindy Kaling
(by Susan James)

Who hasn’t been there…..(apologies, if not you.but I
KNOW it’s not just me…..;)


So, I’m typing Hank’s book (Privately Famous)
from his notes, that I can barely read…having started
my morning continuing to read Mindy Kaling’s awesome
book, “Why Not Me”….(I love reading books by writers,
who happen to be entertainers with a humorous slant…
such as Carol Burnett, Garry Marshall and next is Drew
Barrymore’s new book, ‘Wildflower’. I’ve been waiting
for hers…such a positive outlook on everything….
It helps me see how they write in their own voice,
always wanting to improve my own.)

Anyway.…so, Meghan Trainor’s “Walk of Shame’ is playing
in my ipod..every time I hear it, my mind goes to what I was
wearing, and my first introduction to the ‘Honeymoon
Disease’… and to the Elizabeth Banks great film, ‘Walk of Shame’.

What does Mindy Kaling have to do with this…?
Her writing and her wonderful show is all about many
things…including ‘those walks of shame’ moments. She is
so funny….! She is also awesomely talented, in many

And what is this?

This is an introduction to thoughts on ‘The Fun of Writing
and The Reading Of It’ and what inspires me in fun an
entertaining ways. In other words, it’s an outlet for me other
than the books telling me to write and keep my hiney in the chair….!

So to you…the writers and readers… of song, dance, art,
books, films, writers of ‘copy’ of any sorts.
Best Splendid and Success to All!
Susan James

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